Recent Before & After Photos

Significant Water Damage To Farmington Home

Water can cause significant damage to your Farmington home quickly, and our technicians are standing by 24/7 to help! Our professionals will arrive swiftly and ... READ MORE

mold Spores on Carpeting

This photo shows that visible mold spores presenting themselves with no real evidence of a water or direct physical loss. Humidity is the moisture contained in... READ MORE

Long Term Pipe Leak

This exposure is due from broken pipe, that had been leaking for an extensive period of time. These are typically very difficult to notice or address since the... READ MORE

Prolonged Water Heater Leak

This loss is due to a prolonged slow leak from a hot water heater. It is evident that the hot water heater leak, continued to seep wick the moisture and go up ... READ MORE

Mold from Ice Dam in Attic

This exposure shows what happens when water intrusion from ice dam is left untreated for a period of time. Ice dams are difficult to address or prevent. A lot... READ MORE

Porch Fire - Exterior & Interior Damage

This exposure was damaged when a fire started on the porch. These types of losses are very complex, because the loss is going from an exterior or exposed porti... READ MORE

Chimney Fire - Smoke and Soot Damamge

This home was damaged by a chimney fire, sustained within the chimney itself, causing smoke and soot damage to the loss location. As a result, the reconstructi... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe Damage

This bathroom was damaged due to a frozen pipe burst. Frozen pipes are very difficult to prevent especially if they are an exterior facing wall or near the foo... READ MORE

Ice Dam Damage - -Bathroom

These photos show a bathroom that was damaged by an ice dam. As with ice dams, it is accessing and approaching the damages from the interior to confirm the ful... READ MORE

Ice Dam Storm Damage

This room was damaged by water seepage due to an ice dam. Ice dams are breaches that occur when the shingles are lifted and allow for water to gain access to t... READ MORE