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Some Ways to Avoid Simsbury Flood Damage Situations From Escalating

11/15/2019 (Permalink)

flooded driveway area with a garage Flooding can happen quickly and leave you needing mitigating circumstances. Contact SERVPRO immediately.

Heating Surfaces to Concentrate Drying Efforts in Simsbury Homes

Keeping a firm grasp on the most effective drying strategies is part of how we can effectively manage flood loss situations damaging Simsbury homes. With how quickly those situations can get out of control, especially natural flooding scenarios, often multiple extraction and drying tactics are necessary to return the property to preloss condition. For specific points that require focused drying attention after extraction and general drying practices have already started, we can utilize heating techniques. 

The application of heat is nothing new to our traditional drying practices, though a more concentrated use can have a more direct effect on flood damage in Simsbury homes. Portable heaters are devices capable of focusing blasts of direct heat onto specific materials that can expedite the drying process in specific situations. Most often, the heaters that our SERVPRO team uses warm up coils inside the unit and transfer that heat into airflow moved by the air mover function of the electric heater. 

This process is very effective in the limited applications that we use it for, as it can allow for much faster evaporation of moisture in saturated construction materials and contents. Wood materials are the most accepting of this treatment, and the positioning of electric heaters around saturated wood framing and structural elements can make the drying process efficient enough to protect these fixtures from requiring removal and reinstallation. 

Direct heating is not ideal for all situations, however. Though flooding can often affect many surfaces and contents throughout a property, electric heaters can often harm the material itself. Improper use can lead to deterioration, so careful considerations get made before their application in drying situations by our production manager. 

Portable electric heaters can offer rapid evaporation of saturation in wood materials and similar structural elements, helping the overall recovery process after flooding to be more efficient. Let our SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley team show you all the ways we can make flood losses “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (860) 675-4500.

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Handling Commercial Fire Damage In a Simsbury Office Building Quickly Minimizes Losses

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

A brick building with fire, soot, and smoke damage. Fire damage to your Simsbury business is serious let SERVPRO help you all the way.

SERVPRO will help your Simsbury office get back to normal after a fire.

Fire is one of the most threatening and devastating disasters that can occur in commercial buildings. When you consider all effects and elements, fires in office buildings are highly destructive due to their impact on the lives and daily duties of employees. Many office buildings hold hundreds of staff and several companies that all benefit from being under one roof, making it a perfect setting for conducting business.

In the event of commercial fire damage in your Simsbury office building, panic and chaos can arise. The most apparent consequence of a fire in an office building is the destruction to the property itself, equipment like computers, and printers as well as furniture. The daily operations of the businesses in the affected areas can stop until the fire restoration is complete.

Every day a business is not operational, no revenue is generated. That loss can take days or even weeks to recover. In instances where fire damage repair takes weeks, the business losses may be unrecoverable and have to be accounted for in financial reports and statements.

The contents that survived the flames may sustain damage in the aftermath of a fire because of smoke and soot. It is essential to begin the cleanup and restoration process immediately after the unfortunate event. With SERVPRO technicians, you can expect a swift restoration process that can get you back in business faster than you anticipated.

Our technicians can inspect your business premises to determine the extent of the destruction. We can also find out which contents to save and which ones need repair or replacement. We remove the ruined items that are unsalvageable such as building materials, insulation, and carpets.  We can also remove the water used to extinguish the flames and start cleaning up the affected areas. Our technicians can use different products to clean structural surfaces and contents. They include:

  • General surface cleaners – They are suitable for wet cleaning a wide range of surfaces such as painted ceilings and walls, hard surface furniture, plastics, and paneling.
  • Heavy-duty cleaners – They are ideal for eliminating stubborn soils and heavy grease.
  • Glass cleaners – They consist of a combination of cleaning agents and solvents and can eliminate soils without streaking. Our technicians can use them to clean Formica surfaces and window glass.

Cleaning up after a fire also involves removing smoke smells.  These scents reduce after the removal and cleaning of fire or smoke damaged materials. Our SERVPRO crew can eliminate the remaining odors using the most suitable deodorization techniques.

Do not let fire damage affect your business operations for a long time. Call SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley at (860) 675-4500 for efficient restoration services. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Tips for Resolving Water Damage in Avon Homes

10/29/2019 (Permalink)

Water damaged ceiling, drain hole in ceiling to let water drain No matter the source of water damage, SERVPRO has teh equipment and knowledge to restore your home. Call us today!

Water Damage in Avon Ceiling Needs Special Attention 

When water damage occurs on the upper level of a home, there are many considerations to ensure the cleanup and restoration is complete. Common culprits of this type of accident are washing machine malfunctions, plumbing pipe breaks, and forgotten bathtubs, to name a few.  

The water damage in Avon homes is not always clean water. Sometimes it is due to toilet backups, and water loss with sewage in the mix carries a rating as a class three biohazard, which means it needs professional cleanup for safety reasons.  

Safety First

When water loss happens in the home, only do the following actions if it is safe to do so. 

  • Remove small objects and valuables from the room
  • Take down art and photos and get them to a safe, dry area
  • If water compromised upholstered furnishings, prop the cushions up 
  • Saturated area rugs may be too heavy to move, wait until help arrives 

When There is Sewage or Toxins

If there is a likelihood the water in the home contains sewage or chemicals, do not come into contact with it. Close off the area to avoid cross-contamination and inform the SERVPRO team upon arrival so they can take the proper safety precautions. 

Locating Water Between Floors

SERVPRO technicians use their moisture detection equipment to nail down the exact location of water within wall cavities and floor joists. The ceiling of the floor below may weaken or even fall if the water exposure is significant enough. The technicians cut away dangerously weakened ceiling sheetrock to both inhibit further wicking of moisture and encourage more airflow within the floor joists. 

Thorough Drying Makes the Difference

Drying mats are specialized pieces of equipment that direct airflow into flooring and unique configurations using plastic tubing connected to open areas in ceilings force in warm, dry air from below. This method effectively dries the spaces between levels in a home and negates secondary issues such as mold or foul odors. 

SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley at (860) 675-4500 is ready to assist local homeowners with any water damage in their homes. They have the equipment and experience to make the water loss, "Like it never even happened.

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Pop Quiz: How Should Water Damage in Avon Schools Be Remediated? Call SERVPRO!

10/14/2019 (Permalink)

Students sitting in chairs raising hands Don't let water damage close your schools. Call SERVPRO for fast remediation.

Commercial Water Damage Experts in Avon Describe The Monitoring Process

If a pipe inside your Avon private school ever develops a leak in it, moisture can spread throughout your building quickly. Whenever a plumbing failure occurs, it is wise to call in a professional commercial water damage restoration company such as SERVPRO. However, there are some steps that you and your maintenance staff can take to help speed up the mitigation process.

Conducting the right procedures during your commercial water damage project in Avon, quickly after the leak occurs, can help you save many of your building materials and contents. Many times, a plumbing failure can happen overnight, which can give the leak time to spill hundreds of gallons of liquid H2O into your school's building. If you ever happen to walk into an indoor flooding situation, it is wise to get your maintenance staff started on mitigation procedures quickly.

First, your crew should work towards mitigating any potential safety hazards. Anything that could harm one of your building's occupants needs repairing, or the area should get blocked off and closed to all foot traffic. Next, it is wise to work towards removing any visible water. Moisture can be mopped up and squeegeed from hard surface floors and vacuumed up from carpeted surfaces.

Once your maintenance and janitorial crew have extracted as much liquid water as they can, it is wise to begin drying out your contents and structural components. It can help to remove the chairs and desks from any wet floors. Once you have the affected area clear of furniture and other contents, you can set up fans to create air circulation.

Once you have taken the first steps of water extraction and drying, it is then wise to get help from a professional company like SERVPRO. One value we give to being invited to help you with your project is our testing and monitoring capabilities.

We can start by testing your contents and building materials to see how wet they are. We test both affected and unaffected areas so that we can determine a drying goal. After achieving the goal, we return to test every day until reaching the final drying goal and all moisture levels return to what they were before the water leak occurred.

We can work with your maintenance team to make sure the best job possible gets completed. For professional help with testing and monitoring, call SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley at (860) 675-4500 because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Our Trained And Experienced Technicians Are Ready To Restore Your Farmington Home

10/2/2019 (Permalink)

air movers on shelves in our warehouse We have the state of the art equipment to restore your home after a flood. We are available 24/7 so call us right away.

Focus on Floor Tile Flood Damage Potential in Farmington

Flooding after seasonal storms in Farmington puts many residential structural components in harm's way. Floors in the flooded areas take a real beating. Sometimes floors and floor coverings survive the ordeal intact if efficient water removal, cleaning, and disinfection procedures occur promptly. Other times you might face the disruption and expense of a floor or subfloor tear-out and replacement, especially if the materials are particularly vulnerable to moisture or contamination levels are high.

Laminate Floor Products Nearly Always Require Replacement

Although cost-effective and easy to install, laminate flooring rarely makes it through flood damage in Farmington. The stone or wood-like grain is comprised of photographic coverings layered over resins and fiberboard. Flood water saturates and then separates the layers. The surface rapidly distorts, creating hills and valleys. Demolition and replacement is the only solution.

Concrete Floors Hold Up Well

The concrete floors often found in flooded basements absorb water but usually do not crack or distort during structural drying strategies. Fluids might wick up, depositing a residue on the surface that wipes or brushes clean. SERVPRO crews are vigilant when clearing off concrete surfaces to avoid mold growth. We apply EPA-registered disinfectants and develop a method to dry a wet subfloor that contributes to the moisture rising to the concrete surface. Asphalt tile on concrete with flood damage usually maintains a firm bond, but vinyl tile might not fare as well. Separation of vinyl from the concrete signals the need for replacement.

Ceramic Tile Endurance Linked to Grout Integrity

If a ceramic tile installation is intact, including sealed grout throughout, SERVPRO crews can pump out or extract the water without migration of the fluids. Any cracks in the grout, however, permit water to soak into the subfloor. As the subfloor swells after the introduction of the moisture that porous surface can warp. Distortion of the subfloor can further crack the grout and cause tiles to come loose.

Subfloor Conditions Are the Key

Our crew uses sensitive detection devices to measure the moisture levels in the supporting subfloor surfaces. Failure to reduce excess subfloor water saturation exposes the various types of tiles to damage, breakage, or movement. If possible, SERVPRO attempts to dry out subfloors from below. If access is blocked or limited, strategic removal or lifting of tiles helps us direct warm, moving air to reduce the moisture content.

If the flooded spaces in your home pose floor tile damage challenges, SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley has trained and experienced technicians with the equipment to overcome the problems. Call (860) 675-4500 to start the process of evaluation and project planning.

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We Discuss Materials Used During Our Restoration Process In Avon

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

Stormy Weather Ahead Warning Sign We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Understanding Materials Helps Resolve Flood Damage in Your Avon Home Faster

Flooding is unfortunate and costly to resolve when it affects your Avon property. Working fast to resolve a flooding situation is crucial because taking longer to fix the issue leads to unnecessary secondary damages. Although several factors determine the speed at which the restoration is done, understanding the materials involved can lead to a faster resolution. Fortunately, working with a professional like SERVPRO helps because training and experience help our technicians understand materials better.

Sometimes Water Bonds with Materials
Water removal is an integral part of solving flood damage incidents in Avon. The process itself involves different stages, such as extracting standing water and drying wet materials. Proper understanding of how water interacts with different materials can help conclude the process faster. In this regard, there are three types of water:

    •    Surface Water
    •    Free Water
    •    Bound Water

Surface water is what lies on the surface of a material and therefore readily pumped or wiped out. Free water is what materials absorb through contact. Bound water is the most complex and occurs when absorbed water becomes chemically bound with the cells of a material such as wood thus complicating removal. Our SERVPRO technicians address each situation easily using advanced equipment or processes. For instance, heating materials helps breakdown chemical bonds releasing bound water.

Wetness Leaves Some Irreparable Damage in Materials
Floodwaters spread all over the property affecting different materials. Some like drywall panels and some types of insulation are unsalvageable after contact with water because it compromises structural integrity among other problems. Our SERVPRO technicians remove such materials immediately we start the restoration instead of wasting time trying to clean and dry them, thus improving the turnaround time.

Contaminants Can Make Materials Unsalvageable
Floodwaters are a cocktail of contaminants including harmful chemicals and even biohazards. Contact with the water spreads such contaminants all over the property. Although it is possible to sanitize some materials after contact with floodwaters, heavy contamination affecting porous materials eliminates such possibility. Our SERVPRO technicians remove carpets, pad, and other porous materials for immediate disposal then focus on other cleaning tasks.

Restoring flood damage fast takes the right skills. Call SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley at (860) 675-4500 to help clean up and rebuild your Farmington, Simsbury or Canton property. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Our Crew Of Skilled Technicians Can Save Your Flood Damaged Property In Simsbury

9/18/2019 (Permalink)

leaking ceiling with mold growing Our skilled professionals have the experience and equipment to handle any kind of water loss.

Commercial Flood Damage Second Round Cleanup In Simsbury

The bad thing about water damage in a business is that it halts daily activities and puts projects behind during closure for restoration services. It also has the potential to bring loss to contents and stock, costing the property even more in terms of replacement.

SERVPRO technicians sometimes receive calls to handle commercial flood damage cleanup in Simsbury properties where it has already received attention from either the regular janitorial crew or an outside service when moisture is left behind, the potential for mold infestation increases. The lingering water odor or mold is a tell-tale sign incomplete cleanup left problems behind.

Scoping Finds All the Moisture
SERVPRO technicians know that when the complete extraction of water does not occur, it leads to more significant damage to the structure. Their technicians use advanced equipment to determine all areas of residual moisture, so thorough removal occurs. The wet/dry vacuum utilized by the regular janitorial service is not enough to fully extract water from a structure.

Waiting Causes More Water Loss
The more time that passes leaves the structure open for additional damage. When sheetrock wicks water, it buckles and deteriorates rapidly. SERVPRO technicians cleanly cut away the damaged portions using flood cuts and remove baseboards as necessary to use dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the affected areas.

Mold Remediation
The threat of mold spore germination is a legitimate concern. Once established, it spreads quickly throughout the property. The colonies have the potential to cause loss to everything from essential papers to stored stock in a company warehouse. Proactive treatments and cleaning with broad-spectrum antimicrobial solutions assists in keeping mold at bay.

Pack-Out Undamaged Items
Companies with stored stock should have it removed to a secure location during mitigation from flood damage. The elevated indoor humidity levels have the potential to soften cardboard or paper-based packaging, cause condensation inside wrapping and mold growth may occur.

SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley at (860) 675-4500 is prepared to handle commercial flood damage 24/7. Our skilled professionals have the experience and equipment to handle any kind of water loss. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Making a Difference to Support Local Fire Fighters in The Farmington Region of CT—Hands Together for SERVPRO!

9/4/2019 (Permalink)

Red shield with Burlington Volunteer Fire Department Est. 1947 written in Gold SERVPRO Proudly Donates Burn Vehicles to the Burlington Volunteer Fire Department for Training Purposes

SERVPRO Donates Fleet Service Vehicle to Burlington Fire Department for Training

There comes a time in the service life of a SERVPRO Green Fleet vehicle that it is time to take a final ride. One way to give the fleet van one more job to do is to donate it to the Burlington Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD) for use as a training element to keep skills sharp for extinguishing vehicle fires as well as extrication methods for removing victims in auto accidents.

This vehicle is one of many that are regularly donated to give the Burlington Volunteer Firefighters hands-on training. SERVPRO knows the importance of creating realistic training environments as our technicians undergo similar simulated situations when they learn the best practices during restoration services.
Valuable Training Tool
The fire department gets extra mileage out of each vehicle donation and sets up various situations. It's more than merely extinguishing a simulated engine fire under the hood. Different scenarios such as a car igniting from within are handled or the removal of an unconscious victim in a burning vehicle. These are valuable training exercises that get applied in real-life situations by the first responders.
Multi-Purpose Training
There is a regular need for this type of donation, and SERVPRO strives to help our local fire and rescue services whenever possible. In some cases, the firefighters remove the seats to teach other responders how fast the material burns and the burn patterns to learn expedited methods for extinguishing these specific types of fires.
Catching Arson
Another valuable training element is the ability to use different accelerants on the donated vehicles to learn what they look like after burning to help catch arsonists trying to cash in through fraudulent insurance claims.
SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley at (860) 675-4500 supports our local community with restoration services when you need us. And we support our local First Responders whenever possible through donations of decommissioned service vehicles for use in training.

Click here (BVFD) for the Viking Funeral by Fire for the Green Fleet

We Can Handle Any Size Leak In Your Avon Home

8/31/2019 (Permalink)

Flooded Floor From Water Leak You can reach out to our SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley team at (860) 675-4500.

Reinstalling Leaking Shower Head In Your Avon Home

Identifying the source of water loss in your Avon home is critical to prevent widespread damages and structural degradation. Leaks, for example, can often begin as small and manageable situations. If allowed to persist, these conditions can worsen to the point of complete plumbing separation, other breaches in more inaccessible areas like inside the walls, or other detrimental circumstances. Because of specific mineral content found in the water supply, your shower head can become susceptible to scale and erosion.

The failure of your shower fixture and the subsequent water damage in your Avon home rarely happens quickly. Often this is a problem that begins with throttling of the water flow through the showerhead or a small drip from the fitting that connects the head to the supply pipe. Often homeowners overlook these worsening conditions until it is too late. While our SERVPRO team is always available for unexpected water loss emergencies, there are ways that you can work to prevent these circumstances before it reaches that point.

Replacing your showerhead might be enough to relieve some of the pressure building up around the fittings when throttling takes place. There are many heads that you can choose from, but ideally, if mineral deposits continue to be an issue for your fixtures, you might consider one that is easier to clean. Having direct access to all of the openings can help you clean the head more thoroughly and increase its life in your house.

Installing this new fixture might seem complicated, but it can usually get done in a matter of a few simple steps.

    •    Shut off the water supply to the bathroom.
    •    With the use of a pipe wrench, remove the old head and fittings (unless the new shower head does not come with new threaded connections.)
    •    Clean off any debris or grime from the supply pipe threads and dry it
    •    Apply Teflon tape (Plumber’s Tape) around the threads.
    •    Using a pipe wrench, install the new fixture at this junction.

You do not need to be a professional plumber to install a new showerhead, and doing so can help you to reduce the risks of leaks that can prove costly to repair and restore.

No matter what help you need, from water damage restoration to help with the fixture installation, you can reach out to our SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley team at (860) 675-4500.

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My Old Simsbury Home is On Fire

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van in a parking lot. SERVPRO will get your old Simsbury home back to brand new in no time after a fire.

Let us give you some extra tips on fire damage in Simsbury.

Simsbury is a beautiful town to raise a family. Its inherent historical value accompanies its landscape and well-established homes. However, older structures come with their own set of challenges as most homeowners discover at one point or another.  Along with the wear and tear of each season and their aging, Simsbury homes can have you looking for a professional restoration service in no time at all.  

Take, for instance, a Simsbury home with fire damage. It only takes an old wire to create a spark that prompts a fire in your attic, creating panic as you contact the local fire department.  Regardless of how extensive the damage is, there will always be consequences to address. With any luck, first responders control the fire, and most of your house is kept safe.  At SERVPRO, we strive to keep your losses at a minimum by arriving promptly and starting the fire remediation process upon arrival. Our IICRC certified technicians train in the classroom and in the field to bring to you the latest in restoration techniques to minimize the disruption to your daily life.

Many homeowners want to jump into action as soon as the imminent danger is under control.  Although our SERVPRO team is available 24/7 and should arrive at your home shortly after your call, you may take some steps to pave the way to a successful operation.  To this end, you may want to look at the following

  • -Make sure your home is safe before reentering. 
  • -Clear the way for our staff by moving undamaged items out of the way.  This prevents cross-pollution from the damaged area to the rest of your home.
  • -Avoid store-bought cleaners that may be too abrasive for some surfaces.  Let our SERVPRO team target our cleaning efforts to each specific item to avoid more extensive damage.

When our team arrives, we develop a plan focusing on your needs and the conditions of your home.  Rest assured that our goal is to leave your house, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley is part of your community, and we understand the peculiarities of building structures in Simsbury.  Just give us a call at (860) 675-4500 and allow us to be your guide to return your home to mint condition.

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