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Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Farmington

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO car on fire during a burn demonstration If your Farmington home experiences fire damage like our vehicle in this burn demonstration, Call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO is Available to Farmington Residents for Fire Damage Assistance

Fires are incredibly destructive, and once they break loose, they can indiscriminately ravage any Farmington property – commercial or residential. Once a fire occurs and everyone is safe, the best thing to do is contact a skilled team to handle the fire restoration and cleanup process. SERVPRO is there 24-hours a day with certified fire and smoke restoration technicians to begin helping you pick up the pieces from such a traumatic event.

If you wonder how fire damage in Farmington gets addressed, SERVPRO works to tailor a plan to your unique needs. No two fire restoration projects are the same, but we do follow some of the same guidelines along the way, including:

Assessment and Inspection

After our crew arrives at your property and first responders give the green light for entry, we inspect and assess all fire damage. This allows us to select the correct number and types of equipment to help us achieve our restoration goals. The inspection usually involves:

  • Safety hazard identification
  • Possible issues with structural elements
  • All surfaces and materials damaged by fire
  • Contents inspection
  • The type of soot/soilings present
  • How much water damage is present from first responders extinguishing the flames

Securing Your Property / Debris removal

Once the project scope gets formulated, we secure your property with board-up and tarping services. Covering the roof, walls, windows, and doors that are missing or damaged helps keep vermin out, thwart vandals, and ensures that your interior does not take on further damage from the elements.

Our team also handles debris removal, including unsalvageable building materials and charred contents. Everything gets safely disposed of according to local guidelines.

Secondary Damage Prevention

Mold growth and corrosion are two factors that need careful consideration after a fire incident in your home. The potential for bacteria and black mold is why water must get removed and the interior dried. When it comes to corrosion, there is potential for discoloration on walls and other surfaces, pitting, and etching on some items due to the corrosive nature of soot and smoke residue. 

Detailed Cleaning

House fire cleanup is always best with the help of skilled professionals that understand best practices for ensuring safe, effective results. SERVPRO’s technicians have access to EPA-registered cleaning agents and a broad range of specialized techniques that allow us to restore versus replace whenever possible. This saves your cherished belongings and saves you money on your restoration project. 

Odor Control is Paramount with any Fire-related Project

We have an entire team of IICRC-certified technicians on our team, including trusted and knowledgeable Odor Control Technicians (OCT). Our crew understands all the latest techniques and processes for handling pungent smoke and soot odors. We never use anything that masks odors. Instead, we work diligently to ensure odorous particulates get eliminated so there is no lingering reminder of the blaze. Some of the scent battling weapons in our arsenal include:

  • Odor counteractant beads or granules
  • Thermal fogging equipment
  • Ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers
  • Air scrubbers with onboard HEPA filtration
  • Hydroxyl generators
  • Ozone technology

Did you know that we will also work with your insurance? There is nothing better than knowing you have a trusted partner in your corner to help with your homeowner’s insurance for your fire claim. We handle the paperwork to help you streamline the process! 

Our team at SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley is second-to-none when handling fire damage. Get in touch with us for emergency response by dialing (860) 675-4500, and our customer care team will mobilize a crew to your door within hours to get started.

Addressing Water Damage Found in Your Farmington Property

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician setting up equipment to dry water damage No matter the source of water damage, SERVPRO has the equipment and knowledge to restore your Farmington home. Call us today!

SERVPRO’s Water Damage Technicians to the Rescue 24/7 in Farmington

Water cleanup and water damage restoration are never something you want to tackle on your own with DIY efforts. While you might start cleaning up when you have an incident at your Farmington property, it is always prudent to contact skilled technicians to ensure everything gets done right the first time. Without proper care, water issues can cause bacteria and black mold growth, or you could end up with lasting structural damage. Once water enters your property, you can get in touch with SERVPRO, and we will make it “Like it never even happened.”

We make the process easy for you at SERVPRO whenever you are faced with water damage in Farmington. Whether you have a commercial flooding incident or burst pipes in your single-family home, we have the proven methods and protocols to get you back on your feet fast. Once you require help, the process you can expect includes:

  • Initial contact with our customer care team. We want to know about your project, location, and other pertinent details.
  • You will get connected with our IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT) so that we can start developing a plan of action for your job. 
  • We arrive on-site and ready to work with our Green Fleet of vehicles packed with equipment, tools, and other products to help us achieve our goals. 

Reliable, Efficient Water Restoration Services – We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Water from a significant spill or a leaking roof from storms will not wait, so you need a prompt response to get the cleanup started. Not only do we get to your door within hours of initial contact, but we also work diligently to form a plan that includes calculations for the types and amount of equipment we need to get results. 

To save time, our technicians monitor moisture content and relative humidity (RH) throughout the extraction and dehumidification process. Some of the moisture detection tools that we bring with us for all water-related projects include:

  • Sensors
  • Meters
  • Thermal imaging technology
  • Borescopes

Why Might Pack-out Services Get Initiated?

There could be several reasons why our SERVPRO team will perform pack-out services for your project. If there is limited space within the work zone, our crew may inventory and pack items to be moved off-site for safekeeping throughout the project. This allows our team to move freely without anything getting damaged along the way.

We may also pack up items and move them to a staging area or our warehouse to perform specialized drying and cleaning techniques. Once complete, all things get moved back into your property and placed just as they were before the incident. 

Do you have a gradual leak? Some clients may call us when they suspect they have a hidden leak that is beginning to wreak havoc under their kitchen cabinets, behind a shower wall, or under their toilet. Hidden water damage takes a toll on building materials and could lead to bacterial development and mold growth. We can come in to perform leak detection services, address the issue, and work on water damage restoration to bring the area in question back to normal again.

SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley is here for you whenever you require water damage assistance. You can reach us by requesting help online or dialing (860) 675-4500.

Why Mold Damage Calls for Expert Intervention in Farmington

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment on wood shelves SERVPRO has the equipment to remove mold damage from your Farmington home. Contact our experienced team for mold damage remediation services.

SERVPRO Offers Skilled Mold Damage Remediation in Farmington

Mold infestation can be a significant problem in any business or home in Farmington with plumbing issues, failed attempts at water removals, or a leaking roof from storms. Once you suspect black mold or mildew developing within any area of your property, you must get in touch with mold remediation professionals to begin assessment and cleanup. With SERVPRO in your corner, we get in fast to determine the problem so that we can restore your property “Like it never even happened.”

Why is hiring professionals best when handling mold damage in Farmington? There are many reasons, with one central point being that DIY methods alone will not work or worsen the problem. Things to keep in mind when wondering whether or not to call in the pros for mold problems:

  • Mold is everywhere, and it only takes moisture, the right temperature, and an organic food source to thrive and colonize.
  • Mold remediation is a must because it can damage your belongings, building materials, and structural elements.
  • Mold can cause structural damage, which means you need a company trained to handle it with care and precision using best practices for mold cleanup.

Remember, There is no Such Thing as Total Mold Removal

We want our area Farmington customers to know that any company offering total mold removal should be avoided. Microscopic mold spores are everywhere, and there are also countless types of mold. While you can get surfaces clean and remove colonies, it is impossible to rid any environment of mold completely. It would be wise if you had a team like us in your corner that understands the best and safest ways to restore relative humidity, address the root cause of the mold infestation, and ensure all surfaces and contents get the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned seal of approval.

Proven Processes to the Rescue

With each call we get for a homeowner or business owner that suspects mold growth; we bring a full arsenal of advanced instruments, EPA-registered antimicrobials, cleaning agents, and proven procedures. We work to determine and monitor moisture levels throughout the air, surfaces, and each sub-surface. Based on our findings, we work on a mold remediation plan that involves drying and careful extrication of moisture and mold contamination. There are some standard steps we follow for all mold cleanup projects:

  • We complete a comprehensive assessment of mold infiltration, contain spores, and inhibit them from growing in uncontaminated areas of your Farmington property. 
  • Humidity control helps us battle the root cause to halt mold growth. This may involve using water extraction tools with drying and dehumidification equipment. 
  • Once the impacted zone is dry, our IICRC Certified technicians begin mold remediation with the help of HEPA filtration to pull up all microscopic particles. 
  • We then work to apply disinfectants and antimicrobials to thwart future mold growth and eliminate any chance of musty odors lingering.

Controlled Demolition Handles Unsalvageable Materials

Depending on the level of mold damage, our team may need to remove and replace certain materials deemed unsalvageable. This may include oversaturated drywall, warped baseboards and flooring, and anything else where mold infestation took over. We take the time to ensure all areas get restored to preloss condition so you can breathe easily again.

Contact SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley should you require help with mold damage cleanup and restoration service. You can reach us by dialing (860) 675-4500 or requesting help online.

Eateries in Farmington Rely on SERVPRO for Water Removal

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

Pipe with Hole We aim to restore your property as quickly as possible, “Like it never even happened.”

What Water Removal Equipment Does SERVPRO Use in Farmington?

Water intrusion on your commercial property can have disastrous consequences, whether due to burst pipes, ceiling leaks, or plumbing issues. If water removal from your Farmington restaurant does not happen fast, it can cause irreparable damage to the aesthetics and structure.  

SERVPRO understands the importance of quick water removal from your Farmington shop. Our techs dedicate most of their effort to extracting water out of the property, especially in the early stages of the restorative work. We have a battery of tools for the fastest possible water removal from a flooded property, from industrial extractors to electric submersible pumps. Once the restorers remove the standing water, the next step is to dry the wet surfaces. 

Key Factors for Drying During Water Damage Remediation of Farmington Properties

SERVPRO techs understand how moisture normally moves through various materials and what can accelerate this movement to speed up the drying process. As the bulk of the evaporation happens from the surface, restorers use humidity and temperature to encourage the moisture to move to the surface.  

SERVPRO techs implement the following techniques to speed up drying:

  • Manage humidity, temperature, and vapor pressure of the environment using dehumidifiers that are tactically placed throughout the drying zones. 
  • Force moisture movement through different materials to the surface using temperature 
  • Promote surface evaporation by the strategic placement of air movers throughout the drying zone.  

By managing the humidity, airflow, and temperature (HAT), the SERVPRO techs create the most favorable conditions for drying so you can get back to serving your customers in no time. 

To know more about our water remediation process and how we can help you, call SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley at (860) 675-4500. 

Your Avon Home Can Be Restored By Our Fire Damage Specialists

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

couch After Fire Our goal at SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley is to return every home to its original condition after a fire.

Restoring Avon Homes After Fire Damage

Avon has seen its share of disasters. Flooding is an issue for the entire community. Still, fires are always more personal and visceral. Cleanup and repair often take longer as well.

Any Avon fire damage needs a professional service that can respond quickly. SERVPRO maintains a response team on-call, 24/7, to begin the restoration process immediately after the area is determined safe to enter.

Our first actions include securing the home and disposing of non-salvageable property. The fire can blow out windows, and firefighters need to create new openings to assist in their efforts. Technicians use plywood and heavy canvas to close off broken windows, block doorways, and even cover damaged roofs to prevent secondary damage from the weather, vandals, and animal intrusions.

As team members secure the home, others begin removing the personal and structural property damaged physically by the fire. Immediate removal serves two purposes: it clears the house for our inspectors to determine the extent of the damage and what tools they need for repair. It also eliminates a source of odor-causing particles so they can choose the start of the remaining odors to stop them.

Next, SERVPRO technicians clean everything that is restorable. Response teams use an extensive inventory of cleaners to remove smoke residues and other particles left after the fire. They can restore everything from ceiling tiles to sofa cushions. If there are heavy residues, our personnel can remove the items to our facility for immersion cleaning. This method of forcing cleaners across and through surfaces using sonic waves is exceptionally influential on window blinds and even some types of upholstered furniture.

Our goal at SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley is to return every home to its original condition after a fire. If that includes you, contact us today at (860) 675-4500 to schedule an inspection and then determine how we can help get you back into your home.

Our Skilled Mold Damage Professionals Can Save Your Simsbury Home

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

Hanging Sign of Call Us Today Call SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley at (860) 735-3482 to help you restore your property to its pre-damaged estate.

Why Advanced Training Helps SERVPRO Fix Mold Damage In Your Simsbury Home

Mold colonies present a grave threat to the structure and the occupants of a home, necessitating remediation immediately after the problem is identified. Although the spores that form mold are omnipresent, it only takes roughly 24 to 48 hours for colonies to start developing. It might take longer to notice because growth mostly starts in concealed sections. Highly trained restoration professionals can help you deal with a mold problem smoothly by helping locate hidden colonies and using the right techniques to remove them.

Locating all the areas affected by mold damage in your Simsbury home is essential for effective remediation. Different approaches can help locate mold colonies, including checking familiar hotspots such as the area around window sills, sinks and enclosed spaces such as crawl spaces around your property. An industrial hygienist can also take air samples and perform a lab test to confirm the presence of mold. Our SERVPRO technicians also use advanced moisture detection equipment such as thermal cameras to check for hidden pockets of wetness that can lead to mold development.

The procedures used for mold removal can disturb debris and settle spores spreading them to other sections of your home. Taking steps to prevent this helps in the overall remediation process. Our SERVPRO technicians can help prevent this by setting up airlock barrier zipper chambers to contain the affected areas. We then pre-clean contents such as furniture before moving them or storing them safely in on-site storage pods.

Effective mold remediation requires cleaning and removal of materials affected massively by mold colonies, especially if such materials are porous. Cleaning can involve damp wiping or vacuuming the affected surface, among other procedures. Removing damaged materials requires controlled teardown to reach all the affected areas without causing too much damage to the property. Our SERVPRO technicians HEPA vacuum the affected area to remove loose mold debris. We also run a negative air fan when tearing down materials such as drywall, insulation, or any other building material heavily damaged by mold colonies.

It is easier to deal with mold infestations when you have a highly trained team assisting you. Call SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley at (860) 675-4500 to help you restore your property to its pre-damaged state. Combining our excellent skills with advanced tools helps us deal with any situation “Like it never even happened.”

Restoration of Commercial Contents After a Fire in Farmington

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

Tech Cleaning Soot from Wall We aim to restore your property as quickly as possible, “Like It Never Even Happened.”

SERVPRO’s Fire Restoration Team Is Here to Help Farmington Businesses

When fire restoration begins at any location, handling moisture and charred debris is often the first order of business. Once the fire is out and first responders say that SERVPRO can enter your Farmington business, we get in to perform a full assessment. During this time, we also consider any inventory and other contents that might need to be packed up and moved out for many reasons. We are the team you want in your corner to ensure all contents get inspected, cleaned, and stored throughout the fire damage cleanup process.

SERVPRO determines what to salvage and clean during commercial fire restoration in Farmington when handling any fire damage situation, we assess all areas of the property to see what we can save. These items will generally get packed up and moved off-site for cleaning or safe storage as the rest of the cleanup and restoration takes place. You never have to worry about these items as our contents management process handles all the documentation and tracking of all items and their whereabouts. 

This is some of what you can expect with commercial fire-related pack-out services:

  • Inventory and packing of items slated for transport
  • Items get received at staging to start location tracking
  • All movement of items gets followed from the stage and throughout the cleaning areas
  • Cleaning, deodorizing, and damage assessment gets performed to deem what is salvageable and what is not
  • Items get repacked and re-inventoried, then moved to the cleaned contents section in the staging or storage area
  • Contents get inspected and then moved back into your commercial building in their rightful places

You never have to deal with the mess or worry that your fire-damaged contents are not cleaned properly. If you require assistance with commercial fire restoration, look to our team at SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, so call us at (860) 675-4500.

We Provide Fast Action To Your Simsbury Flood Damage Restoration Needs

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Disaster Team Equipment Storm damage can reach epic proportions and needs immediate response. We are available 24/7 to service your home, so don't hesitate to call us.

A Pack-Out Takes Control of Both Structural and Content Recovery after Flood Damage in Simsbury

After several days of torrential downpours, flooding can become a significant problem in your Simsbury home. Overflowing gutters and the saturated ground around your house send quantities of water seeping into your basement or cellar. Water rises inside, putting not only the foundation and structural components of your home at risk of deterioration but also any stored items, furnishings, or fixtures in your lower level.

Flood damage in Simsbury needs fast action, but taking the time to move items out of the flood spaces in your home is worth a slight delay in flood remediation tasks. Packing-out furniture, household goods, and personal possessions can simplify water removal and structural drying. If the flooded rooms are full of articles, our crews need to move them many times during the floodwater mitigation to ensure we access all wet spaces. Furniture can bleed stain or rust onto carpeting, and boxes full of wet items slow down structural drying.

SERVPRO keeps your pack-out organized with our Contents Claim Inventory System (CCIS). Using lists, digital photos, and barcoding, we track all items moved from your home to our production facility. We strive to work with you and your insurance carrier to make informed decisions about things to clean, dry and restore and items that are better discarded and replaced.

Using our CCIS protocol saves time and money. Homeowners often toss out property that SERVPRO Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians can bring back to pre-flooding function and appearance. Using specialized techniques and smaller, more concentrated drying chambers removes moisture from furniture and electronics.

Innovative techniques like freeze-drying for photos and papers efficiently pull moisture from treasured memories and important documents by preventing water from returning to a liquid state. Industrial washers and dryers clean and dry window treatments, clothing, and other soft objects, including beloved toys and expensive decor accent pieces. As the SERVPRO crew working on recovering your home’s structural integrity nears completion, our production team packs up the restored articles for return to your cleaned, disinfected, and dried residence.

SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley uses many research-based strategies to return your home and its contents to pre-damaged condition after flood damage. Call us at (860) 675-4500 to arrange an assessment of your flooding scenario.

Farmington Homeowners Expect Premier Service from SERVPRO for Water Loss Recovery

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

Water On Floor Hey Farmington Property Owner! Need Help with that Water Removal and Cleanup? Try Calling SERVPRO!

Help with Water Extraction and Restoration in Farmington

Water damage occurs in residences in Connecticut in a diverse number of ways. From leaking pipes to failed appliances, broken aquariums, or flash flood damage, the key to avoiding secondary losses such as mold or foul odors is in the mitigation efforts.

SERVPRO answered a call for water cleanup in a Farmington home. A pipe in the wall under a little-used guest room vanity leaked for a considerable period and made itself known when the supply line failed. A large amount of water poured onto the bathroom floor before the homeowner shut off the water. While it may seem that we should set up air movers to dry the area as quickly as possible, extracting the water is the most crucial task to address. The more water we remove before drying, lessens the overall drying time.

Our technicians used multiple tools to ensure we removed as much moisture from the floor and carpeting as possible. Weighted extractors push water from within the padding for faster drying. The damaged sheetrock around the leak was a loss and was cut away to encourage more airflow within the wall cavity during the drying phase. This also automatically reduces the amount of excess moisture in the affected area.

SERVPRO technicians have certifications in multiple restoration craftsmanships, including Applied Structural Drying (ASD.) When positioning the air movers, our training includes how to angle them to raise embedded moisture which our dehumidifiers then port off-site, resulting in progressively drier air circulating within the water loss area.

After the drying phase, both mold and odors are a concern. We use EPA-registered cleaning formulas that inhibit the growth of mold and sanitize surfaces. Once our SERVPRO technicians completed cleaning, we gave the homeowner a list of the necessary repairs to return the guestroom and bathroom to their pre-damaged condition. The homeowner was pleased to learn our location offers building services that include plumbing and sheetrock installation to make restorations seamless and less stressful.

When you need water cleanup, SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley at (860) 675-4500 is available 24/7 to handle both water cleanup and restoration of your home. Large or small, We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Our Trained And Experienced Technicians Are Ready To Restore Your Farmington Home

4/10/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded neighborhood with water covering the street Regardless of the reason that flooding affected our area, team SERVPRO can help. Our technicians can tackle both small and large scale damage.

Focus on Floor Tile Flood Damage Potential in Farmington

Flooding after seasonal storms in Farmington puts many residential structural components in harm's way. Floors in the flooded areas take a real beating. Sometimes floors and floor coverings survive the ordeal intact if efficient water removal, cleaning, and disinfection procedures occur promptly. Other times you might face the disruption and expense of a floor or subfloor tear-out and replacement, especially if the materials are particularly vulnerable to moisture or contamination levels are high.

Laminate Floor Products Nearly Always Require Replacement

Although cost-effective and easy to install, laminate flooring rarely makes it through flood damage in Farmington. The stone or wood-like grain is composed of photographic coverings layered over resins and fiberboard. Flood water saturates and then separates the layers. The surface rapidly distorts, creating hills and valleys. Demolition and replacement is the only solution.

Concrete Floors Hold Up Well

The concrete floors often found in flooded basements absorb water but usually do not crack or distort during structural drying strategies. Fluids might wick up, depositing a residue on the surface that wipes or brushes clean. SERVPRO crews are vigilant when clearing off concrete surfaces to avoid mold growth. We apply EPA-registered disinfectants and develop a method to dry a wet subfloor that contributes to the moisture rising to the concrete surface. Asphalt tile on concrete with flood damage usually maintains a firm bond, but vinyl tile might not fare as well. Separation of vinyl from the concrete signals the need for replacement.

Ceramic Tile Endurance Linked to Grout Integrity

If a ceramic tile installation is intact, including sealed grout throughout, SERVPRO crews can pump out or extract the water without migration of the fluids. Any cracks in the grout, however, permit water to soak into the subfloor. As the subfloor swells after the introduction of the moisture that porous surface can warp. Distortion of the subfloor can further crack the grout and cause tiles to come loose.

Subfloor Conditions Are the Key

Our crew uses sensitive detection devices to measure the moisture levels in the supporting subfloor surfaces. Failure to reduce excess subfloor water saturation exposes the various types of tiles to damage, breakage, or movement. If possible, SERVPRO attempts to dry out subfloors from below. If access is blocked or limited, strategic removal or lifting of tiles helps us direct warm, moving air to reduce the moisture content.

If the flooded spaces in your home pose floor tile damage challenges, SERVPRO of The Farmington Valley has trained and experienced technicians with the equipment to overcome the problems. Call (860) 675-4500 to start the process of evaluation and project planning.